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Bungalow in Beaverdale

Lisa purchased this bungalow in Beaverdale, Iowa in 2016. At the time, Lisa’s goals were to stop renting, start building some equity, and have a stable place for kids and pets. Three years later, Lisa wanted to move closer to her kids’ schools in the suburbs. With her budget, she knew the competition for a new house would be fierce, so she needed every cent out of her old house to purchase her new house.

Our stager was able to use Lisa’s family’s possessions, rearrange, and advise on paint colors and what to pre-pack. Lisa and her family spent some time getting their house ready for sale. In general, they used their own possessions, spending very little money on paint and additional décor. When the Beaverdale bungalow was listed in the fall of 2019, a rush of people immediately booked showings to see it. Within four days, it was under contract, for 99.5% of the list price. And by the way, the price had jumped over $26,000 in the three years since the clients purchased it in 2016.

This price and quick sale allowed Lisa and her family to put in a strong offer on their dream house in the suburbs, winning in a multiple offer situation. Within two months, they had moved on to the next stage of their life.

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