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Condo with Competition

Emily and Zach were ready to begin work on their new passion project: renovating an historic bungalow from 1913. There was just one catch: they needed to sell their condo first. And there was a complication. Another unit was already listed in the same building.

Their realtor knew that Emily and Zach needed every advantage to sell their home quickly, and for a price that would put cash back into their pocket for their next project. The solution: Stagerie.

Emily said:

“Using Stagerie was a no-brainer when listing our condo. With a really competitive market, we knew we wanted to attract someone the INSTANT they walked through the door and staging is what most often seals the deal on that! We used a mix of our own furniture as well as some suggested by the stager. In less than 48 hours, our condo sold at the listing price, and I believe it’s because of how incredible our place looked. Trust me, it’s worth it to invest in the staging of your home so you don’t have to be on the market for months!”

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