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Our Home is Worth How Much?

When Mallory and Collin first bought their ranch home in 2017, they intended to stay at least five years. At the time, the market was a seller’s market, and they figured they had bought at the top of the market, and needed time to build up their equity.

Fast forward 3 years. The 2020 market was a much stronger market for sellers than in 2017, and interest rates were exceedingly low. With a new baby and two dogs added to the family, Collin first broached the idea of selling the starter home and trading up to a more permanent (and larger) home with his realtor.

Collin and Mallory’s big questions:

  • Will our house sell?
  • Will it sell for enough to cover closing costs and provide at least $10,000 towards a down payment?

The answer to both questions was unequivocally YES. Collin and Mallory got to work on finding their next home, and their realtor logged on to Stagerie to get a full staging consultation. In general, while their home was already charming, it did need some pre-packing, paint touchups and adjustments to fully prepare it for sale. Collin and Mallory received their staging consultation and completed almost all of the items on the list.

When this sweet couple found their new home, they got SUPER serious about preparing their old home for sale. On a whim, they asked to price it a smidge higher ($3,000) than the comparable sales in their neighborhood. Their realtor had some slight misgivings, but agreed to try it.

Imagine everyone’s surprise when the house sold for $5,000 MORE than their list price, in one day, with multiple offers.

And because the home was staged so well, and had so many offers, the buyers didn’t make any requests during inspection period, and agreed to close on the home on the perfect date for Collin and Mallory to move to their next home. The best part? The sellers more than doubled their payoff, which helped them get into their new house with lower monthly payments.

Collin and Mallory’s realtor said:

“Using Stagerie sets me apart with my clients. I don’t have to know how to stage a home, because I have an expert behind me who will help every seller. Thanks, Stagerie!”

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