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Homeowner Edition: Do I Need Home Staging to Sell?


You might have noticed my previous take on this same topic, Realtor Edition: Do I Need Home Staging for My Sellers?, and you’re probably wondering, “Why are there two different editions to determine if I need to stage my home to sell?”

Frankly, because the reasons for needing home staging are completely different for homeowners and realtors. Both want to sell the home for the most money possible, and as quickly as possible, but homeowners and their real estate agents focus on home staging for different reasons.

If you’re thinking about selling your home, here are nine signs that you may need a home staging consultation:

Nine Signs That You May Need a Home Staging Consultation

1. This House Is Your Home

You’ve lived in your home for quite a while, and made it yours. The furnishings are perfect and every wall has your memories. However, it’s time to take all the memories down, and let some buyers start imagining creating their own memories in this house.

2. You’ve Customized Your Home to Your Interests

You have a lot of specific interests, ranging from your favorite football team to your collection of Star Wars helmets. You’re worried that potential buyers won’t share your interests, but you don’t have any furnishings or décor items to replace those priceless helmets and need help finding something to put in their place.

3. Need to Sell, Fast

You’ve found your next house and put a contingent offer on it. So, you must sell your current house, and fast!

4. Need to Turn a Profit

Similarly, you’ve found your next house and it’s at the very top of your price range. So, you need as much money out of your current house as possible.

5. You Have Too Much Stuff

Your current house is bursting at the seams. There’s stuff, stuff, and more stuff everywhere. After all, that’s why you’re moving. First, get a storage unit. Then, you need help determining what you’re pre-packing and what you’re keeping out.

6. You Have Too Many Colors

When potential buyers visit your house, they blink at the variety of wall colors and say something like, “Well, isn’t that interesting?” In that case, it’s time to tone down the colors to make your home appeal to a wider pool of buyers.

7. Neighborhood Competition

The house next door has been on the market for a few months now. Wouldn’t you like to sell first versus sitting on the market?

8. Need a Personalized To-Do List

Your real estate agent hands you a list of standard to-dos, but you need a detailed blueprint.

9. Not Quite Magazine-Worthy

You’re house looks fine, but you know there’s something missing. You need it to look magazine-cover worthy so it pops on the market.

If any of these signs tripped your trigger, then it’s a strong indicator that home staging is your solution. Here at Stagerie, we understand how vital it is that you list your house well, and sell it so you can move on to the next phase of your life. Your house was perfect for you, and we’ll help you make it perfect for buyers you haven’t even met.

With Stagerie, you can focus on the move. Let us be your go-to home staging resource.

Have more questions about Stagerie? Check out our frequently asked questions!

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