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Realtor Edition: Do I Need Home Staging for My Sellers?


If you’re here, chances are you want to be the best realtor you can be for your sellers. That’s fabulous!

Your marketing plan likely includes items like:

  • Taking professional marketing photos

  • Putting out your signage

  • Adding the listing to the Multiple Listing Service

  • And more!

But, what about staging? If your sellers will be living in the house while it’s on the market, here are nine signs that you may need a home staging consultation for your clients:

Nine Signs That You May Need a Home Staging Consultation

1. Not Magazine Worthy?

The home feels lived in, not magazine worthy. You know what this means? Your clients have personal possessions (think coats, backpacks, papers, etc.) all over the house. Who wouldn’t? Thanks to channels like HGTV, buyers nowadays expect the homes they view to look immaculate. But, how do you tell them that, thoughtfully?

2. Strong Competition

Your clients’ home has a ton of competition, including homes that are newer and/or professionally staged. Staging is cheaper than bathroom or kitchen remodels, right?

3. Need to Turn a Profit?

Alternatively, if you know your clients’ home will sell (maybe you’re in a hot sellers’ market), you still want to get them the most money possible so they can buy their next home. Plus, you wouldn’t mind a bidding war. Sellers love those.

4. Bright Isn’t Always Right

Your clients absolutely love their “bright” paint colors all over their house; it makes the house feel like their home. Or, even better, your clients specifically say that they love not having a cookie cutter interior.

5. Potential Design Flaws

When your clients bought the house, they were able to look past some of the design flaws originally. Therefore, every buyer has an active imagination, right?

6. Strong Relationship with the Sellers?

Your clients are family members or dear friends. You dread having to tell them that they need to prepare their house for the market, because you know they’ll be hurt. Who likes to hurt people’s feelings?

7. Need to Declutter?

You hand your sellers your standard list about decluttering and preparing their home for sale, but nothing changes.

8. Can’t Put a Finger on It?

You know that something is wrong with your clients’ furniture, furnishings, or décor, but you can’t put your finger on what is holding the home back.

9. Bring on the Referrals

Your clients have lots of friends, and they’re all moving soon, and you want those referrals–all of them!

Did any of these nine signs resonate with you? Here at Stagerie, we offer an easy way for you to get expert home staging advice for your sellers, with no coordinating or scheduling needed. Simply take amateur photos (your cell phone will do just fine) from each corner of every room of your client’s home, as well as photos of the home’s exterior, and submit a Stagerie project! We’ll send you a staging consultation with the exact instructions of what to do to really help your client’s home pop on the market.

The best part? You don’t have to be the one telling them their “bright” paint colors aren’t the best.

You’ve got the negotiating, client service, and transaction management down. Let us be your go-to staging resource for occupied listings.

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