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DIY Home Staging vs. Expert Home Staging

If you’re thinking about selling your home, you’ve probably checked out all the tips online about how to prepare your home for sale; but, how can you ensure that your home will sell? The answer is staging. Within the first 30 seconds of seeing a home, a homebuyer will form their opinion of your home. Staging your home for sale can positively influence homebuyers’ decision to put in an offer for your home.

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Why Staging Matters: Confessions of a Buyer’s Realtor

Homeowners who are selling their home may not realize this, but homebuyers make a decision on whether or not they are interested in a house within 30 seconds of walking into the home. As a seller, you have 30 seconds to capture their enthusiasm. Homebuyers will then spend the remainder of the showing carefully checking the house to see if it truly meets all of their requirements.

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To Repair or Not To Repair

We are huge believers in the power of home staging. But there is a line to be drawn between staging your home and making necessary repairs. Depending on the issue, the process of preparing your home for sale may include both repairs and staging. Don’t be surprised if you’re calling a handyman or contractor to prepare your home.

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7 Tips Your Stager Will Recommend

It’s time. You’re thinking about putting your house on the market for sale. You know the key is to ensure your house pops, both online, and in person. And you definitely don’t want your home to appear in the many awful real estate photos all over social media. You’ve done your research and know that you need a stager to provide recommendations, so that your house can go from Staged to Listed to Sold.

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